Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Like Green

I Like Green from pablo Hurtado on Vimeo.

Finally the subtitled version of my animation-documentary "Me Gusta el Verde".
This was an assignment for a documentary seminar I took on my fourth year film school in Buenos Aires. The challenge was to make a documentary about yourself and the way for me was clear after reading Camille Dumoulier's "Nietzsche and Artaud" mainly but finally i picked-up ideas from here and there and this was the result.
The animation was made entirely in After Effects and the art was made in photoshop and illustrator. The Music was composed by my brother. Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky was a major inspiration for this piece, particularly the idea of the brain-ocean and the thoughts on what reality might be.

Monday, August 23, 2010


This also was for Nueva Ola, the company I worked with for a bit. It was sent to sell web design services to businesses around Neuquén in the south of Argentina. The Idea behind this peace was to show how we could offer different styles fitting different needs depending on each company's profile.

Web Layout

This web site sadly never came to fruition, it was made for a small company I worked with for a while. The slogan is also of my authoring and it means "The power of image".

Photo Retouching Two

Really needed to post the before and after. The challenge here was to remove the "taken with a flash" look and also give the photo an interesting feeling. This was shot on a jam session and the drummer is my brother, they are creating some really great music so if you happen to be in Buenos Aires, stop by "remember pub" on Thursdays and Friday's nights I'll be glad to give you the address.

Photo Retouching One

First post on photo retouching. This was shot in Fernandez Oro in the south of Argentina, one wonderful dawn and dear, dear photoshop takes its part in making this look even better. Mainly I removed a green cast and played around with the colors so the picture would be as good as it could. Hope you like it and of course more photo retouching will be uploaded soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me Gusta el Verde

Me Gusta el Verde from pablo Hurtado on Vimeo.

Spanish only version of a project I made as a final exam for school. Will be uploading a subtitled version soon.